Kim Mack

Kim Mack

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Kim Mack is an Investigator for the State of Utah Adult Protective Services. She obtained her Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Gerontology from Weber State University and her Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah.

As Administrator and owner of three email based support groups dealing with same-sex attraction within the LDS church (Disciples2, Voicings, and Families Support), Kim has been the means of support for hundreds of individuals and family members for over 19 years. She is personally experienced in this issue ranging from being in a mixed orientation marriage, divorced, living celibately, and acting on her feelings, which includes experience in being an active member of the LDS church to being an excommunicated Mormon. Throughout all these experiences, and current, she is an active member of her ward and continues to maintain her testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kim finds great joy in public speaking and discourse sharing her story related to being LDS and lesbian.

Kim is the mother of three grown children, the youngest being 20 years old and the oldest being 23. They are each active in the church at this time and are supportive of her decisions to varying degrees. They remain a source of joy and motivation to her in her life.

Kim is the author of a book entitled The Unconquerable Soul: Finding Peace Amid the Struggle of Same-Sex Attraction. This is a book “that addresses same-sex attraction in an honest, frank manner, offering the reader insight never before available! For those frustrated with the promises of changed orientation, or discouraged at the prospect of a sexual lifestyle, Kim Mack offers clarity and practical wisdom that far surpasses anything on the market today. The Unconquerable Soul is an encouraging, hope-filled book that is destined to bring long sought after light at the end of a seemingly dark tunnel.”

Currently, Kim is considering authoring another book detailing her life experiences with homosexuality and how those feelings interacted with the LDS church. She has a few novels working in her mind as well.