Healthy Discussions about High-Conflict Issues

Healthy Discussions about High-Conflict Issues

Dialogues Attempting to Foster Healthy Discussion About High-Conflict Issues
As discussions about high-conflict topics have the potential to be both healing and confrontational, licensed mental health professionals will assist in workshop facilitation and will work to ensure that all perspectives are adequately given voice and that workshops are healing and productive. Each workshop will be co-facilitated by professionals who hold different perspectives with the support of lay community members who also disagree. It is our hope that productive conversations will be possible through abiding by the Standards of Ethical Communication and Conflict Resolution.

Important: The purpose of our Dialogue Workshops about high-conflict issues is NOT to provide a forum for a public debate to help attendees choose between different perspectives. We assume that the Internet provides attendees with access to information about multiple perspectives and that attendees will arrive with strong beliefs and opinions. It is NOT our intention for a debate to occur. Rather, our purpose is to provide a forum for attendees to healthily discuss the thoughts and feelings they already have with community members whose thoughts and feelings are different from their own and that our community will find the courage to have healthy, productive and healing discussions about difficult topics.

Individuals under the age of 18 may not attend Dialogue Workshops about High-Conflict Issues. Parents are solely responsible for their own children.

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