Is My Husband Gay?

Is My Husband Gay?

Facilitation Team:

Mental health professionals and lay community members of different perspectives work together to facilitate this discussion about mixed-orientation marriages and same-sex marriages and the influences or roles of self-identification and perceptions around sexual attraction or orientation therein. The objective is to facilitate a community conversation that allows for the healthy expression of disagreement in hope of building understanding that will lead to the development of better relationships, greater understanding of those whose perspectives are different from one’s own, and more meaningful outreach to the vulnerable among us.

Community Member: Tera Brown
Mental Health Professional: Jerry Buie
Mental Health Professional: Shirley Cox

The facilitation team and workshop participants will seek to follow the Standards of Ethical Communication and Conflict Resolution throughout the discussion.

This is a Healthy High-Conflict Issue Dialogue.

Adults only: Individuals under the age of 18 may not attend Dialogue Workshops about High-Conflict Issues. Circling the Wagons Conferences are for adults; parents are solely responsible for their own children.